Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Character Relationships

I have to say that I have more fun writing scenes with Juliet (my main character) and Ezra (her male counterpart) than I do any other part of my stories.

They make me laugh for alot of reasons: because they insist on arguing every time they meet; because Juliet's best jokes are made around Ezra; and because they care so deeply for the other that it hurts me when they're apart.

Juliet and Ezra weren't always like this though. In fact, Ezra wasn't supposed to be in the picture at all. When I first created the Juliet Harrison character, she appeared in a series of six short stories, the first being how Eli lost his name and how she and Ezra helped him regain some semblance of his life.

I had intended for Eli to fill the role of main male character. He was supposed to be alot like Ezra, but I just couldn't get Eli to fit Ezra's mentality. He was too gentle in nature. He lacked the experience to keep up with the world Juliet existed in. And there was no spark between him and Juliet.

Don't get me wrong: I love Eli. He's that down-to-earth part of Juliet's world. She needs the sanity he brings, but he absolutely couldn't be her equal.

Enter Ezra: private investigator, dick, and wonderfully long-suffering. He is in every way Juliet's equal. His past has given him the capacity to keep up with her world of ghosts, magic, curses, and crazy family relations. He had to be tough, experienced, and strategic, because Juliet is still learning her craft, often making things up as she goes.

Ezra pushes her as no one else does. He's a teacher, an enemy to her mundane routine, and closest friend. He has become Juliet's antagonist, and she his, because of what they demand from the other.

It's their familiarity and their fight against the other that breed humor, that make them perfect together. And I, for one, am glad they let me know. :)

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